How to Get Rid of 20 Pounds WASTE From Your COLON

How to Get Rid of 20 Pounds WASTE From Your COLON

In case you haven’t heard, an unhealthy colon leads to an unhealthy body. A colon that accumulates toxins and waste can prevent the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. Simply put: if you don’t have a clean colon, the road to health is impossible. The colon must function properly to remove waste from the body.

The digestive tract plays a huge role in overall health. Every cell in the human body relies on a healthy colon. Although digested food wastes enter the colon, they still contain nutrients that can be absorbed by the colon. If the colon doesn’t need these nutrients, they can be sent back to the body for use. If the colon is not functioning properly, you will face some problems.

The role of the colon is to eliminate toxins, but unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices can inhibit healthy colon function. If the colon doesn’t do its job, it accumulates waste. It doesn’t help that processed foods don’t contain nutrients or enzymes that aid digestion. If you eat a healthy, plant-based diet, your body will be able to process all of your food within 24 hours. Because processed foods take 70 hours to pass through, most Americans have 20 pounds of waste in their colons and digestive tracts. This accumulated waste can lead to various underlying health conditions, one of which is colon cancer.

One of the best ways to keep your colon healthy is to avoid processed foods altogether. Additionally, you can benefit from cutting out meat, meat products, dairy, added sugars, and junk food from your diet. A diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds, and sprouts will improve digestive health.

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