Here Are 5 Things I Learned From Throwing My Legs Up A Wall Every Day

When you search for something on the Internet, Google throws up a lot of strange things. During such a search, I came across a picture of a leg lift that helps relieve lower body stress. It wasn’t difficult and the promise was worth a try!
To try this new technique, I grabbed my yoga mat and put my feet up on the wall. It was really easy to get into the asana, even though my dog ​​was reluctant to move and sniff me constantly to figure out what was going on.
Different websites suggested different durations, but I chose the 10-minute version because it didn’t take much time. I played some meditation music I downloaded from iTunes and closed my eyes.
A leg up on the wall, called Viparita Karani, is said to relieve the stress of sitting all day, which I am very guilty of. Curious as to how it works, I realized that when we lie inverted, the body releases fluid that accumulates in the legs, stressing them. This waste does not come out easily from our body, but drainage becomes easier with this asana. Not only that, but it also helps create a positive circular flow in your core.
After doing this for a week, I realized that it helped relieve stress not only in my lower body, but also in my neck and back.
Eventually I started enjoying the time and tried to focus on the music and nothing else.
Sitting is the new smoking, and all of us working professionals need to remove this stress from our bodies. I highly recommend it to all careers guilty of sitting too much.
Important: keep your buttocks close to the wall and try to create a 90-degree angle. You will feel your hamstrings stretch.

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