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Basketball players beat Boston Celtics 107 ፡ 97 on the road. The most effective player in the meeting was Stephen Kerry, the goalkeeper of the Golden State. The next match will be played in San Francisco.

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Photo: Kyle Terrada / America Today Sports / AP

Photo: Kyle Terrada / America Today Sports / AP

The Golden State Warriors beat Boston Celtics 4 in the NBA Finals. The meeting at the TDGard Stadium in Boston ended with a score of 107 ፡ 97.

The first half was 54:49, but in the second half the Wallabies took the lead and continued their lead until the end of the game.

Boston has reached the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010

Photo: Steven Ryan / Getty Images

The leader of the “Golden State” Stephen Curry became the most successful player of the conference. Averaged 43 points (seven out of 14 points) and 10 assists. Junior striker Jason Tatum doubled Boston’s lead with 23 points and 11 assists.

The California team won the match 2-2 in a row. The fifth match will take place on the evening of June 14 at the Chess Center in San Francisco.

The Golden State is a six-time NBA champion. The team last won the trophy in 2018. Boston won the title 17 times (the last time was in 2008).


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