Everything went down like a card house. Zarema About Russian Football – Football News

Spartak owner Leonid Fedu, owner of the club, has spoken out about the club’s problems with Russian football.

“There are processes that we can not influence and control.

On social media, our records have become economically meaningless. Now all profitability leads to an internal content consumer with zero profitability, alas.

Following the sponsors, the coach gave the fans an unforgettable victory. No one can take away that victory. Done.

Only after this success did we play in Europe and celebrate the name of Spartak, the transfer fee has increased – and fans without a fan ID, but beer in hand, in their games. Favorite team.

The media will release new videos, including the young pope, trying to catch fried pasta and eagles.

But everything is falling apart like a card house. No one can gather a whole house now, ”Zerema wrote on her sports blog.

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