Estonian swimming championship was held in Tartu | sports

The main heroes of the Estonian Swimming Championship held in Tartu were swimmers from the Tallinn Garant club Daniel Zaitsev and Maria Romaniuk, who won six and seven gold medals respectively at different distances.

Talliner Daniel Zaitsev showed a good sporting morale at the last Estonian championship. At a distance of 50 meters on his back, he set a new Estonian record – 25.44 seconds, and at the same distance sprint with a butterfly lost hundreds of seconds to his record. His time – 23.53 seconds – will allow him to compete in the next world championship. Experts attribute the improved results to the appearance of Russian coach Valery Gabisoniy at the Garant club, who advises the club’s athletes.

At a distance of 100 meters on his back, the winner, suddenly for many, came out Armin-Evert Lelle. His time – 56.54 seconds – did not allow him to meet the “A” standard for participation in the World Cup, but there is still hope for that.

There were no record results at other distances. Kregor Zirk performed only one distance, while Eneli Efimova did not participate in the championship. In her absence, the chest was again dominated by the experience of Maria Romanyuk, who won a total of 7 gold medals.

Efimova, on the other hand, missed the big races in Stockholm due to illness and could miss the next camp in Turkey. However, she, Alexa Gold, Kregor Zirk and Daniel Zaitsev, who won 6 gold medals in the Estonian championship, have met the standards for participation in the June World Championship. Armin-Evert Lelle also has a “B” standard. These are the main candidates for the Estonian swimming team this season.


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