Despite everything, international winter swimming competitions will take place in Petrozavodsk

The International Winter Swimming Association has decided to postpone the World Winter Swimming Championship until 2023 due to “the impossibility of holding international competitions in Russia in the current circumstances.” Despite this decision, swimming competitions in Petrozavodsk will still take place. The organizing committee of the championship in Petrozavodsk decided to hold the competitions in a new format – the International Winter Swimming Championship Karelia-2022.

Igor Lukin, head of the committee, 17-time world champion and head coach of the Russian winter swimming team, commented on the decision: “Today, international federations decide independently to change the place and time of the race. We do not support a such an approach, especially on the eve of competitions, when a lot of work has already been done to organize the championship. “

Igor Lukin, Russia coach in winter swimming.  A photo: "The Republic" / Lilia Konchakova

Igor Lukin, Russia coach in winter swimming. Photo: Respublika / Lilia Konchakova

According to the organizers, during the five days of the competition more than 250 sets of medals will be played, the participation has been confirmed by about 400 athletes from 18 countries. Four-time Olympic champion Alexander Popov will perform at the opening ceremony. The swimmer will hold an open lesson with the participants and give some starts at a distance of 100 meters freestyle.

The championship is sponsored by the Northern Spiritual Way Charitable Foundation as part of the Winter Swimming project.

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