Creative Thinking 1. Press with both hands againstc cheekbones. 2 2. Increase pressure. Hold, let go, repeat. EFFECT Intellectual focus, sharp mind.

The best way to develop your creativity is to practice. Choose a creative pursuit that you love and do it regularly — every day if possible. The more you flex your creative muscles, the more your mind will naturally renew itself. Research shows that practicing creativity can reduce stress and improve problem-solving skills.

Start rewiring your brain with these nine life-changing habits, and you’ll soon be brimming with fresh, creative ideas.

  1. Careful observation.
    Our ability to create begins with observing the world around us. Our environment and how we perceive our environment supports our creativity. It starts with careful observation, or noticing and appreciating the details around you.

By sharpening your observation skills, you will tap into your creative energy and discover subtleties and nuances that you may not have noticed before. It opens your mind to new possibilities and helps build a repertoire of experiences that can ignite innovation. Being an observer means paying close attention to the world around you.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the overwhelming amount of visual information that surrounds us. Start by focusing on the areas you want to improve. The world is full of interesting patterns and connections. Try to find the relationship between things. Learn how things form and “click” together, and how people and things affect each other. These connections become fuel for ideas and fuel your creative process.

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