Chris Paul (pictured, right) has scored 14 of 14 goals in six games against the Pelican – Basketball NBA.

Phoenix Phoenix scorer Chris Paul set an NBA playoff record for most wins in the first leg of a series of 6 games in New Orleans (115 ፡ 109, 4-2).

Paul converted 14 of his 14 field passes and scored 33 points.

The only famous center is Wilt Chamberlain, 18-18 and 16-16, without missing more balls, both in the regular season.

“This is an incredible achievement, you never know how different this result will be for me.

At first, I did not know that I would be safe. I realized that I had to throw a little more at the break. ”

Paul, 36, also changed four of the four lines. He became the fifth NBA player to win the 18-to-18 title in one game.

Why do athletes slap on the boot? Is it absolutely legal?

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