Chevchenko Charitable Match – Online broadcast of the game in San Siro – Video – Football News

The famous Ukrainian footballer plays a friendly match against the football stars in San Siro. Watch the game with us!

Andre Shevchenko, Andrea Pirlo, Samuel Eto'o, Javier Zaneti and Francesco Totti will all be playing in the charity.

Andre Shevchenko, Andrea Pirlo, Samuel Eto’o, Javier Zaneti and Francesco Totti will all be playing in the charity.

The Star Wars Heroes Challenge Challenge will be played in Milan today. The meeting was organized by the famous Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o.

The concert at the “San Siro” concert will begin at 21 00 00, and the event itself will begin at 21 30 30. The live stream of the game is available on our website.

In addition to Samuel Eto’o, a galaxy of stars, including the legendary Ukrainian legend Andrew Shevchenko. Lionel Messi, Julio Cesar, Javier Zanetti, Francesco Totti, Paolo Dibala, Andrea Pirlo, Filippo Inzagi, Carlos Puyol, Bernd Schneider, Lilian Tራram and Wesley Snyder are also expected to be present.

Proceeds from ticket sales and trade will be used to create sports development and education opportunities for the Samuel Eto Foundation and Sultans Dunk Onlus.

See also Pele Zelinsky Chevchenko summoned him to be ambassador to Kyiv.

The organization raises funds to meet the needs of Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to flee their homes as a result of the war with Russia.


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