“Cherchesov – the standard.” Ryzhikov on coaching – football news

Former Ruby goalkeeper Sergei Ryzhikov talks about his coaching career.

– Sergey, what are you doing now?

– I coached the amateur football club playing in the Tatarstan Championship – It used to be called “change”, now it has been changed to “Sokol”.

A new sponsor has arrived, the Sokol Transport Company, the sponsor – so listen. 19 to 23 year olds, come from Kazan football schools, play.

We hold visual meetings every six months; There we will select the best and invite you to join our team. He has now played four rounds, scoring ten points. The work is in full swing, so much fun!

According to FC Ryzhikov, three- to seven-year-olds go there. This is a preschool physical education lesson – outdoor games, the simplest soccer parts. The coaching staff is all licensed.

But I see the club as a media person. They use my name, I come to the club once a month, I take pictures, I give explanations, they put me in the door, and the kids beat me.

– Do I really understand that you only work as a head coach and that the goalkeeping coaching profession is not fun for you?

– Very accurate. I have a license, I want to continue learning and developing. But you need to work for this for a year, and then move on to Pro.

But so far no one was available for comment. In Falcon, everything fits. The leaders have a comprehensive plan, but it is planned to be implemented gradually.

– Goalkeepers often become famous coaches. Is Stanislav Cherchesov, who grew up as the head coach of the national team and reached the quarter-finals of the 2018 World Cup, an example for you?

– In Russia – for sure! Stanislav Salamovich is a certified specialist in national team and Russian clubs and in Poland and Hungary. You need to take an example from him.

  • A.D. In 2021, Ryzhikov led the blogger Evgeny Savin team Krasavan.
  • He worked for 2 months, then went with the coaching staff who was fired for violating the regime.
  • Cherchesov coaches Franchevaros. He won double gold in the first season.

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