Biychanin Yakov Stryukov wins silver medal in Russian diving championship

Swimmer Altai showed the second time at a distance of 1500 meters.

On April 2, in the pool of the Nevskaya Volna Water Sports Center in St. Petersburg, took place the national diving championship (feather swimming, classical feather swimming, long feather diving, scuba diving), in which the most swimmers strong Russia participated, completed at the age of 2007 and above.

During the three days of competition, 32 sets of medals were played: 26 in individual competitions and six in team relay competitions between women and men. Altai Territory representative, world-class master of sports Yakov Stryukov was not left without a pedestal in the tournament. A graduate of the Biysk sports school “Dolphin” participated in the 1500-meter swim, where he showed the silver time. Stryukov left only his compatriot to move forward, another Dolphin school student, Konstantin Pakhomov, who, however, has no connection to the Altai Territory since this season, as he has now moved to Tomsk and represents this Siberian region.

By the way, at the Russian championships in St. Petersburg, Pakhomov won another silver medal in the 400-meter race and closed the top three in swimming at a distance as long as halfway. Needless to say, the Biysk sports school base allows its students to perform at the highest level.

Photo: on the left on the pedestal Yakov Stryukov, and in the center – Konstantin Pakhomov / from the website of AS

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