Better than Botox? A trick that quickly eliminates wrinkles

Better than Botox? A trick that quickly eliminates wrinkles

Wrinkles are an unpleasant reality of adulthood. These signs of aging are more ugly to the people who wear them than to those who see them.

Wrinkles not only age a person, but make them look old and attractive. Wrinkles can be avoided and there are many ways to do it successfully.

Shopping malls, supermarkets and beauty salons offer a wide range of beauty products.

However, cosmetics are expensive and aggressive for the skin for a long time. Beauty products also make people addicted to them and get too addicted to them.

For these reasons, naturopathic doctors prefer and often recommend natural remedies. Oxidants are one of the main causes of skin problems such as wrinkles.

That’s why antioxidants are good for the skin because they prevent oxidants from wreaking havoc in our bodies.

Garlic, one of the strongest tasting and smelling spices, is also an effective wrinkle reducer. This spice can be used in many ways to remove wrinkles and pimples. Garlic can also be used to reduce the skin around the eyes and rejuvenate the skin. The main reason why garlic is so effective in smoothing out wrinkles is the nutritional value of this onion.

Vitamin E, vitamin C, antioxidants and anti-aging properties – garlic has it all! Listed below are 3 possible ways to use garlic to reduce facial wrinkles. Continue reading to learn more. Daily use of garlic can prevent premature aging, such as the early appearance of wrinkles. If you don’t like the smell or taste of garlic, here is the solution for you! Finely crush 4 peeled cloves of garlic and mix it with 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Apply this paste as a mask all over the face for 20 minutes. If you do this for 7 days, you will notice less wrinkles and softer skin.

If the smell of garlic doesn’t bother you, try this. Garlic can be applied directly to the face; however, this must be done with caution. You can start by rubbing a small piece of minced garlic on the affected area. Remember that garlic is pungent and strong, so don’t rub it too hard. The piece should be crushed very lightly so that it does not lose its essence. Applying a mixture of garlic juice and vinegar to the affected areas, leaving it on for 7-10 minutes and rinsing off for 7 days in a row is an effective way to maintain skin pH and reduce wrinkles. For maximum effect, take the juice of 2-3 crushed cloves of garlic and mix it with equal amounts of vinegar juice.

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