Better than Botox? A trick that quickly eliminates wrinkles

Better than Botox? A trick that quickly eliminates wrinkles

If you want to treat facial wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyes, and on the “crow’s feet” on both sides of the eyes, you are a good candidate for Botox® Cosmetic.* Botox® Cosmetic relaxes facial muscles. expressions. After the treatment, the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and fine lines relax and the skin is smoothed.*

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Botox® blocks the nerve impulses used to contract the facial muscles, squint, and raise the eyebrows, resulting in a softening of facial lines.* The result is a quick and painless way to look refreshed, relaxed, and sleepy.

Which areas can I treat with Botox and what are the benefits?

Botox® can be used as a treatment to smooth the following areas*:

Frow lines
Face line
Smoothes wrinkles
Crow’s feet
Forehead lines
Worry lines
Glabella lines
Raise an eyebrow
A strip of skin on the neck
More patients use Illuminate for Botox and similar wrinkle reduction treatments than any other injectable or non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Botox® has become part of many people’s regular health and wellness treatments. It also has no downtime.

How fast does Botox® work?

Botox® works within 2-5 days. The result is a service that smooths the surface of the face and continues to reveal a fuller expression without wrinkles or folds.*

One Day Botox Appointment

Botox® treatments are available by appointment in our Palo Alto office. We are happy to accept same day calls! We know that life can be very busy at times, and we are kind to our patients, so we take a little time out of our schedule for a day of fillers and botox cosmetic treatments. Call (650) 262-1415 to check availability.

How Much Does Botox® Cosmetic Cost in Palo Alto?

The average cost of Botox® when performed by a plastic surgeon is about $15 per unit. However, many surgeons choose to charge by the “repair site.” During the evaluation, Dr. Boudreau performs a full facial examination and recommends treatment based on his findings. On average, patients receive 20-30 units between the eyes, 10 units on the forehead, and 10 units on both sides of the eyes. For the first 6 months of 2016, Dr. Boudreau will pay $14 per unit. This means that the average cost of a complete repair will be $480-$620.

Although Botox® treatments are common, they are simple and foolproof. In order to achieve natural looking results, you should look for a team with extensive experience and training in using this product.

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