Alexander Dyukov and RFU Fight for Football Neutrality in Russia

Russia is pushing for independence. But as long as we hold on

Grigory Telingater

Grigory Telingater

In football, we are pushing ourselves into isolation.

16 clubs and one adequate solution.

It was already clear that RFU would hold 16 clubs in the RPL. We have received many indications that support this decision. RFU Secretary-General Alav has already stated his opposition to the expansion. The broadcaster has threatened to increase the cost of the contract to show RPL. And even before the RFU Executive Committee, even Rubin’s CEO did not believe it was possible to expand the league.

The question, rather, is why Simanov did not allow the team to go on vacation – which is surprising. As of May 23, Rubin has not been linked with a move to the RPL. RFU could not change the rules the day after the game. Conditional “Kimki” has already bought tickets to Kabarovsk, club analysts have reviewed each other’s final matches, fans have bought tickets and posters have been posted in cities. And of course, RFU is right when they say they should not fly after the end of the championship, violate the rules of the sport and undermine confidence in the league.

Football house

Football house


Surprisingly, the lower-league clubs are trying to get into the RPL with cabinet decisions. A member of the Kimki Regulatory Board said the last word should remain in the Ministry of Sports, not the RFU. “We are talking about state policy,” Teryushkov said. It is enough to go to the RFU website and see that this is the only public organization in Russia that is recognized by FIFA and UEFA.

And even if most clubs have money from the state budget, the situation will not change. FIFA is urging the government not to interfere in the affairs of football federations. Is RFU consulting with the Ministry of Sports over the limit? Allowed. Will the Ministry of Sports itself approve the RPL expansion? Unacceptable. In our country, RFU leaders are becoming the most orderly people to help the state.

The best end of the season!  So, as soon as Slutsky came out, they had not yet flown out of the RPL
The best end of the season! So, as soon as Slutsky came out, they had not yet flown out of the RPL

Another interesting topic discussed in today’s press release is the inclusion of Crimean clubs in the RFU. The situation in football in Crimea is truly tragic and unjust. The head of North Ossetia recently said that Crimean clubs should accept Russian football. RFU seems to be moving away from UEFA.

History has it that football has grown in the UEFA system. There are pros and cons here, but complete isolation will ruin our football. It’s the same as passing a season without international matches. And going back to world football and dealing with contracts will only make matters worse.

He is now dead in Crimea football. If you include Crimean clubs in the RFU, football will die all over Russia (yes, the trend is already very sad). Crimean clubs are talking about a time when many RPL teams could leave UEFA and benefit from the RFU. Then the Ministry of Sports can solve all football issues. For some clubs it is important to stay in the RPL, even if we find ourselves getting more involved.

Do you want football to be fully social in our country? Say Gazprom has a duty to finance all groups at once – and so on. Let us all hate the rich together. This is a very popular idea. Let’s leave the capitalist clubs to those in the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga … fools.

Only one person supported the expansion of the RPL.  The main thing from the RFU Historical Executive Committee
Only one person supported the expansion of the RPL. The main thing from the RFU Historical Executive Committee

RFU has its drawbacks but keeping 16 teams is the only reasonable solution. Instead it can be offered for other purposes. For example, the president of the RFU says clubs should not play football on a low block. Diukov obviously wants to see an amazing game, but such questions should be left to the discretion of the coaches. Finally, without playing a low block, we would not beat the Spaniards at the 2018 World Cup.

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