The following 10 tips will help you stay focused, stay fit, and stay healthy.

1 Exercise for at least an hour every day:
Most of us live sedentary lifestyles at work, in the car, and in front of the TV. Set aside an hour each day for vigorous exercise, jogging, yoga, or light walking with friends. Making that promise will make it harder to do
make excuses.

2 Drink enough water every day:
We all know that we should drink 2 liters of water (plus if we’re exercising) a day. The body usually recognizes dehydration as starvation. Get into the habit of drinking water before you get thirsty and continue playing.

3 Remember 2,5,7
Subtract these numbers every day! 2 pieces of fruit, 5 pieces of vegetables, 7 days a week. Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in vitamins and minerals, but also low in calories and high in fiber. This combination is rare because they fill you up but don’t fill you up. By eating the recommended number of fruits and vegetables every day, you won’t have time to think about it.
unhealthy snacks.

4 Pay attention to every food that leaves your lips
Most of the time, we eat because it’s there. A handful of nuts and cookies while making a cup of tea. Before something slips inside you
“Do I need this?”, “Am I hungry?” think to yourself.

5 Don’t eat unless you are at a table with plates and chairs
It starts at point 4. Mindless eating is the biggest contributor to weight gain and you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Before you put anything in your mouth, count three: table, plate, and chair. Avoid eating in the car, in front of the TV or computer or while cooking. All those calories add up.

6 Don’t be afraid to say no
There are two types of people in this world: those who try to lose weight, and those who try to sabotage those who want to lose weight.
Learn to say no to the breadwinners of this world. It might be hard the first few times, but it gets easier!

7 Plan your meals
If you plan your meals and snacks in advance, you will be more likely to eat healthy meals. No more excuses, no more rush purchases.

8 Limit alcohol consumption
Alcohol has a two-fold effect on weight. Firstly, it is usually high in calories, and secondly, it reduces the body’s ability to burn fat. This fat-burning process first uses it as a primary source of energy, thereby reducing your body’s ability to break it down.
already existing fat. If you do want to drink, limit alcohol to one or two drinks on the weekend.

9 Listen to your body
Be sure to listen to your body when making yourself healthier. If you’re exhausted from your workout routine, relax and get a massage. If you’re hungry on a calorie-controlled diet, add extra fruit and nuts. Your body knows what it needs, so don’t fight it.

10 Get enough sleep
Sleep and weight loss are inextricably linked. If you are sleep deprived, your body will not be able to function optimally and convert food efficiently. Combine this with altered hormone levels that affect our appetite, and lack of sleep can seriously impact weight loss efforts.

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