9 Se Mistakes Women Make
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9 Se Mistakes Women Make

I have noticed some common mistakes girls make

By “mistakes” I mean they either make men less interested or attracted to them, or even horny and less interested in having sex, or having sex again in the future.

This article will list common sexual mistakes based only on personal experience.

  1. Resist his advances without passion
    Couples having sex for the first time will be unforgettable moments.

And resisting a man’s advances without any sign of attraction is one of the most common mistakes women make sexually to ruin this moment.
Resist and procrastinate all you want, but if all you do is push him:

This will make him feel hurt and unwanted
He risks denying himself and cutting you off
Tell him you’re not having sex
It’s much better to tell him you’re attracted to him, but it’s too early for you (read How to Say No to Sex) or to say no when you’re in a flash of passion (read Madonna/The Temptation of Whores).

  1. Donate too quickly
    I was guilty of this when I first started:

I remember when my first girlfriend suggested I play the role of a doctor.
“What is he thinking,” I thought.
Then he finally admitted: I was too quick to pick out his lady parts. And this game was a way for me to develop slowly.
Facepalm :).

After several years and experience, I have had “jump sex” more than once today.
Although this problem is not as bad for men, it can take a lot from the general experience. Especially when it repeats itself over time.

Note: The exception is the super hot moments where they rip each other’s clothes off.

  1. “Yuck” rejected
    How Women Who Reject Men Can Make or Break Seduction:

A few years ago, while traveling in Thailand, I crossed paths with a fellow countryman. They said that local girls liked it because they like oral sex.
This was a contrast to his previous Italian girlfriends who refused oral sex and said “no ma che schifo”. It roughly translates to “No, disgusting.”

No matter how open-minded a man is, it’s not nice to say “Yarlag” to his female member :).
Don’t be unpleasant, of course, but a little kindness goes a long way when things turn upside down.

A few expressions to avoid:

It smells
It’s disgusting
I don’t want to do that with you
I don’t do that on first dates

  1. Talking too quickly after sex
    This is another relatively common one.

The first few minutes after intercourse are one of the pleasures of life.
And it’s nice to have the best pleasure and the quietest respect :).

After climaxing, he wants to enjoy the moment without any distractions. If you talk to her, she may see you as a temporary nuisance, or worse, as someone who “doesn’t get her.”

Then there is the following rule: no conversation for the first two minutes after sex. If you’re not sure, talk to him first.

However, comments that do not require a response are allowed.
Especially if it is positive:

It was nice
I’ve never come so hard before
God, I’m fine now

  1. Ask if it was okay
    It’s okay to ask if it was okay.

But do it tactfully, or you may end up needing help and ruining the post-coital bond that binds partners together.

I was going to have anal sex with my ex-girlfriend once. But it was too painful for him, so we canceled the mission.
After we finished work and went to bed, he asked:

He: are you ok?
Me: Yes

(after a few seconds)

He: Is it okay if we don’t?
Me: Yes

Asking if she’s okay after sex makes her think you should like her. It will keep him in charge and you in charge.

But worst of all, it makes you look insecure.
Note that the downside of a strategy can be very attractive.. as long as you are aware of it.

  1. Assigning morality to sex positions
    Don’t get me wrong, you reject things that don’t work for you.

A few women consider it “offensive” or “unclean” and refuse certain positions – for example, from behind.

Love, care, compassion…these are the main characteristics of a relationship. And no sex position will make it go away.
If anything, it’s refusing to do something with your partner that could weaken your relationship.

If you divide sexual positions into “good” and “bad” categories

n a relationship. And it changes depending on how you live sex with your partner and what “kind” of sex you’re having (more on the rougher side or more on the “sex as emotional bonding” type).

  1. Dictating The Rhythm
    The rule of thumb:

Woman on top, she decides the rhythm.
Other positions, man decides the rhythm.

Plenty of exceptions to the rule of course.
But it’s often off-putting when women try to dictate the rhythm. Sometimes she’s trying to do it for him, and sometimes after he’s announced that he’s about to come.
At that point, he knows best how to push to maximize his pleasure. As tempted as you might be to show off your pelvic mobility, it can easily end up out of sync and only take away from his pleasure (and it’s mostly about timing: I’ve experienced some skilled twerkers… Who got the timing all wrong) .

Exception: if you’re in a relationship and want to learn to take it on the next level. Then learning to time each other’s pleasure can pay off handsomely.
You’ll get it wrong a few times most likely, but once you reach the perfect thrusting-timing for each other, then… Nice :).

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