We all know which part of a woman’s body men like to explore in many fashion photos, but there’s more to it than just her back, front, or private parts. There may be the most nerve endings around these parts, but there are pleasure sensors all over his body, and getting him into spicy food is as easy as stimulating a part of his body that he usually ignores. Putting these places into f0replay and $ex, or giving it a treat after a hard day is sure to earn you some brony points.

Having those luscious locks isn’t the only reason women frequent the hair salon. The combined process of washing, cutting, coloring and styling is a stress reliever. Running your hands very slowly and gently through his hair is a surefire way to send chills down his spine.

Massage your fingers in circular motions from her temples to the nape of her neck, and she’ll have putty on your hands.

2 Pelvic region

Giving her pelvic area some love is a great idea; However, when you are so close to her, you will have to resist the constant urge to slide into her private parts. Teasingly kissing and licking the inside of her thighs will surely excite her until she begs for more from you.

Extend this sensation for a while by leaving the area to focus on another part of the body. Talking about her inner thighs touching her inner thighs is sure to energize her.

Use your hands and even your mouth to caress and kiss her inner thighs, getting unbearably close to her point of absolute pleasure, but pull back before you go all the way.

3 His feet

Pul.p Fict.ion does a good job of pointing out that rubbing another wife’s feet can be quite offensive, punishable by being thrown out the window, so the allure of foot massages is palpable. Some good ways to soothe his feet are more than just a good rub, especially if his job requires him to be on his feet all day.

Do it right and get a massage oil or even a lotion.

Never forget to really pay attention to his toes, ankles, and even the sides of his feet. Some women enjoy sucking their toes, but others hate it, so it’s a good idea to ask first before putting them in your mouth.

4 ear lobes

Touching, caressing, kissing or even biting your girl’s ear lobes will increase her happiness. These soft and delicate lobes are very sensitive and most women feel the sensation of a man’s lips on them.

You can also bite other parts of his ear, but try not to stick your tongue in his ear as a courtesy.

5 The palm of the hand

People often use their hands as a means of pleasing their partners, but rarely as an opportunity to stimulate their own pleasure.

The palm of the hand for girls is a weakness that allows you to focus a little without embarrassing the people around you.

Running your fingers carefully over his palm makes him shiver, and even makes you look vulnerable and a little wary.

6 The back of the knee

This zone is where most men don’t try to stimulate a woman, but it’s actually very sensitive.

Gently brushing the back of her knees under her skirt when you’re out in public will get her ready to get busy when you get home. When you are alone, don’t forget to pay a little attention to this unique place.

7 The small of his back.

The best way to guide your lady through the crowd is to place your hand on the small of her back. This little gesture shows that you’re protective of her without pushing her as much as a hand on her shoulder. A kiss or even a kiss on her back when she’s alone will definitely make her heart skip a beat.

8 Clavicle

A prominent and well-defined collarbone, in other words, can be very $exy for a woman. Why not express your appreciation for a beautiful beauty with a gentle touch and a kiss? While he is fully clothed, focus on this part of his body, unbuttoning his shirt just enough to expose his collarbone, but no further.

Obviously, once the clothes are completely gone, you can return to the collarbones and remind him of the expectations that were created when you started there.

9 His neck.

Once you reach the nape of her neck, try placing a few light kisses on this spot. In ancient Japan, the back of a woman’s neck was one of the few places that was not completely covered by clothing, so it was very attractive to men. However, the nape of the neck is often neglected these days for more open pleasure centers, but you can never underestimate the power of gentle touches and gentle kisses from her hairline to her lovely shoulders.

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