As a teenager, you probably spent a lot of time thinking about (and maybe even practicing) your kissing style. But once you’re a few years into adulthood, it’s easy to go on autopilot when it’s time to lock lips. Taking a few moments to get back to the basics of smoothness can revitalize your relationship. By realizing your kissing mistakes (and how to fix them), you and your SO can become closer than ever. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy learning new techniques.

Of course, “error” might be too strong a word. If you or your partner prefers a quick, soft kiss, go for it! This list can serve as a jumping off point for other techniques you might be interested in trying. There’s no harm in trying something different, right? You may find your new favorite kissing technique.

By evaluating what you and your partner really like about kissing, you can make your relationship stronger. After all, kissing is just a form of non-verbal communication. So you and your SO will have a lot of fun learning the best ways to meet each other’s needs.

You do it too fast
You may want to break lips with your partner right from the start, but sometimes a little restraint is sexier. According to Glamour, a gentle kiss that gradually builds up is really hot. By entering the “furious make out session” phase, you’ll both be in sync and in the mood.

Your breath is not fresh
Of course, sometimes you get caught up in the moment and don’t take a break to brush your teeth. But in general, it’s never a bad idea to keep things fresh. As Marie Claire explains, you can keep gum or mints on hand (and share them) to spice up your kiss. It’s a simple trick that can make all the difference.

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