7 Ways to use Dawn In Your Home And Garden

7 Ways to use Dawn In Your Home And Garden

Over the past few years, I’ve tried to be more conscious of the brands I support with my bank account. If I see how much a brand is involved in philanthropy or is taking extra steps to be environmentally friendly, I will support them more than my competitors.

It’s a small thing to replace one brand over another when it comes to shopping, but I realize that with every dollar we spend at retail, we have the power to support brands that are a force for good.

Every time there’s a tragic oil spill in the ocean, I’m always impressed by the animals cleaning up with the dawn. In fact, this year they are celebrating 40 years of helping save wildlife! Since 1978, they have saved more than 75,000 birds and sea creatures.

In the hustle and bustle of the grocery store, I forgot that every time I bought a new bottle of dawn, I was helping to encourage their efforts. Dawn is the only dishwasher brand trusted by wildlife professionals for decades, known for its ‘grease resistant yet gentle on skin’ formula.

Jubilee reminded me that morning tea can be used for so much more than dishes. It’s oil and grease resistant, but gentle enough to use on animals, so why did I only use it in the kitchen sink?

I’m challenging myself to start using Dawn instead of harsher (and usually more expensive) cleansers. To cement this as an option in my mind, I thought I’d try it on some things around the house.

It is inevitable. Every time I travel, I suddenly feel the need to clean my hairbrushes and combs. I try to do my job, but the water never gets rid of its roughness.

Then I had a hunch that Dawn would probably do the trick!

It’s the nasty build-up that my fine-toothed comb couldn’t get rid of. This is after I tried to clean it with water!

A small baking dish is the perfect way to soak combs and brushes in the nest and warm water solution. I agitate the water with a comb and then let it soak for a while to loosen up any buildup.

After the Suits episode, I grabbed some dental floss and used the pointy end to finish cleaning. In the middle of the photo below, you can see how the comb came out of the Dawn solution. Then the pieces on the right are after I cleaned up the thread. That’s it!!!

I have some dawn solution in my cup so I thought I might as well keep it running. If you have greasy tools in your garage, this is a simple way to clean them!
Speaking of the garage, Corey’s car battery died shortly after we got back from the lake. For some reason you have to disassemble half of her engine compartment to get the battery, which meant she was a greasy mess when she was done.

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