Here we will explain how to check your organs at home without going to a doctor or specialist.

The famous 60-second spoon test is very effective in detecting any disease in your internal organs. For this experiment you will need 1 spoon and a plastic bag. With only these 2 ingredients, you will know if there is any disorder in the respiratory organs, kidneys, intestinal hormones or teeth.

What you have to do is very simple. From the surface of your tongue, “dirt” as deep as possible, closer to the throat.

Then wrap the spoon in a plastic bag and leave it in strong light for 1 minute. The bulb must be really strong, because the result will be more visible. Thanks to the strong light, bacteria (if present) will grow.

How to read the results from the bulb?

If there is nothing in your organs and you are perfectly healthy, there will be no deposits.

If there is a deposit on the spoon, a strange smell or color, you should consult your doctor. These deposits can be a sign of certain health problems, such as kidneys, hormones or intestines. The best way to find out what the problem is is to consult your doctor. Most importantly, if the spoon has a fruity aroma, you probably have a metabolic disorder or ketoacidosis. These problems can be the cause of diabetes. Another thing about the smell is that if it reminds you of ammonia, you may have a problem with your kidneys.

This test will also help you find out if you are in the mood. Some people aren’t aware of their bed breath, so it’s very helpful to know if you’re one of those people.

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