5 Native American Hair Growth Secrets

Native hair has always been versatile and stunning, but how do natives shine? Here are some natural properties used for healthy hair.
Have you ever wondered why Native Americans have bouncy native hair? Or have you ever looked at old photos of your ancestors and wondered why so many older people don’t have gray hair? Or why their hair was so long? Or why men had such healthy hair?

The answer is simple, and it boils down to who the American Indians and Alaska Natives are. As a people, our ancestors considered their native hair to be part of their identity. It was an expression of how they lived, like everything else around them. As you probably already know from your history lessons, they respected everything in nature.

One is that they have never used so-called “modern” hair care products and products on their native hair. They were proud of their hair, and different hair styles represented different things in their lives. Their hair was very important to them spiritually and they were very proud of it. They had many natural hair care techniques that kept their native hair strong, thick, shiny and long. These include herbs, roots, teas, oils, and infusions. Some of these are as follows.


  1. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a wonderful natural moisturizer used by natives in their daily life to protect the hair and body from the sun and other adverse weather conditions and keep the hair soft and silky. This was one of the main ways they kept their native hair healthy. Aloe vera is also edible and an excellent immune booster and detoxifier. They eat it in their daily life to keep fit. These are just a few of the benefits of aloe vera, but for a much longer list of uses…here’s a great article that lists over 40 different uses. Although this article is quite recent, many Native Americans seem to have known many of them.


Aloe vera gel

  1. Saw palmetto

This herb is native to the natives and is part of their diet and has excellent medicinal value. Fruit Saw Palmetto is a crimson fruit; They dry it in the sun for a few days, then grind it up to strengthen hair, prevent dandruff and dandruff, and put it into tinctures, teas, and oils. Saw Palmetto also has properties that suppress the hormones that cause baldness, so oral and topical application is one way to keep native hair looking great.


saw palmetto

  1. Nettle

Most male pattern baldness is caused by the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Nettle has been found to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT; It is the hormone responsible for hair loss in many men and some women. This plant grows wild and abundant in America. Native Americans used it so much that we don’t see many Native Americans who have hair loss problems or need hair transplants. As it grows in the wild, just pick it with your hands (be careful of the stinging, of course, because it has spiny stems) and put it in oil to moisturize your hair. They are also brewed into tea to drink. Nettles contain vitamins K, B and C, as well as a large amount of amino acids and iron. Amino acids help your body make protein, and hair needs protein to grow strong and healthy. Vitamins B and C are also important for healthy hair.

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