5-Day Apple Diet That Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In a Week

5-Day Apple Diet That Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In a Week

Got a party in a week, but need to lose at least 5 pounds to fit into your favorite dress? Well, don’t worry! We have a plan for you to lose 6 kg in 5 days! All you have to do is follow the Apple Detox diet plan.

Apples are a nutrient-dense fruit that can help with weight loss, fight cancer, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, prevent gallstones, boost immunity, and prevent cataracts (1), (2).

Therefore, the 5-day apple diet will not only help you lose weight and reduce belly fat, but will also improve your health. However, you should remember that regular exercise and significant lifestyle changes can help you lose weight quickly and in a healthy way.

In this article, we’ll tell you why the apple diet works, a 5-day diet plan to follow, and exercises you can do. We have some delicious recipes for you too! Look at this!

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The Apple Diet?
The Apple Diet is a 5-day diet where the majority of your meals consist of apples. On the first day, dieters are allowed to eat only apples for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the second day, dieters are allowed to eat an apple for breakfast and dinner, and an apple and vegetables for lunch. From days 3 to 5, dieters are allowed an apple with every main meal, along with fruit, fresh fruit juice, vegetable smoothies, protein, and dairy.

How does the Apple Diet work?
An ideal component of the diet, apples are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber, and are 80-100 calories low, depending on the size of the fruit. As an effective sedative, apples are included in many diets because they are beneficial for the nervous system and nutritious. However, in this diet, apples are the star! The fiber in apples binds to fat molecules and prevents fat absorption. The fat bound by fiber is then released directly from the body. Apples also keep you feeling fuller for longer. These are natural thermogenic foods that boost your metabolism and help you lose weight. Eating an apple before each meal can reduce hunger and prevent overeating.

The 5-day apple diet requires dieters to eat only apples and liquids on the first day. For the remaining four days, dieters are usually allowed to eat apples along with other nutritious foods, but will not exceed 1,200 calories per day.

  1. Day one
    Why does this work?
    Breakfast, lunch and dinner should consist of apples and only apples and should weigh about 1.5 kg. Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and dietary fiber. These nutrients are essential for maintaining a healthy body fat percentage, improving cardiovascular health, brain function, and preventing diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and gastrointestinal upset. Drink plenty of detox water and water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

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