If you’re feeling drowsy and can’t sleep well, it’s time to go green.
We’re not talking about a sustainable bedroom (although that’s not a bad idea), but we’re talking about putting some plants inside.
Plants not only add beauty to the room, but also help you sleep better.
Bedroom plants filter out air pollutants and reduce stress due to their relaxing scent.


A centenarian
Aloe vera is an excellent air purifier.
They purify the air by releasing oxygen at night, allowing you to breathe fresh air and sleep peacefully.
Keep them near a sunny window and water them every two weeks after the soil is completely dry.
Use terracotta pots with well-drained soil to grow aloe vera plants.


The scent of jasmine works as a natural room freshener, which can help you relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and help you get a good night’s sleep.
The fragrance of these flowers is often added to candles and perfumes.
All they need is porous soil and water until the soil is moist. They require indirect light in winter and direct sunlight in summer and spring.


Gardenia plants are easy to care for and give off a fresh scent so you sleep better.
According to research, gardenia flowers provide a natural alternative to sleeping pills.
You can place these plants near your window and water them at least once a week. These flowers have different colors and can survive in indirect sunlight.


Snake plant
Snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in your room at night, which helps you sleep soundly.
According to several NASA studies, these tall plants clean the air by removing benzene, xylene, toluene, formaldehyde, and trichlorethylene from the air.
They don’t need a lot of watering and can survive in indirect sunlight.
They need a low-soil potting mix or free-draining soil to grow.


Lily of Peace
The peace lily is the perfect low-maintenance plant, listed by NASA as one of the best detoxifying plants.
They remove pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and benzene from the air, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your room.
Fresh air will help you sleep better.
Water these plants once a week and keep them in partial shade.

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