30 Daily Skin Care Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger

Your skin is the body’s largest organ, the foundation of your appearance, and your primary defense against irritants and toxins. That’s reason enough to make skin care a priority as you age. In your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond, glowing and hearing “I wish I could be like you…” is the ultimate in health and self-care.

But wearing more makeup or using the same products and skincare strategies you used when you were younger won’t cut it now. Everything from menopause, sun damage, dryness, even your mood and outlook on life can be affected. Innovate your beauty routine with new products and strategies to keep your glow inside and out. Here are 10 tips to make your skin look 10 years younger.

  1. Keep skin cells moist
    When your body’s tissues lack moisture, they shrink and your skin loses its firm, shiny finish that reflects light so well. Nourish your skin and stay radiant with the hydrating properties of the Hyaluronic Collagen Mask. You will see noticeable results with improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles.
  2. Tighten skin with retinol moisturizer
    If your skin is peeling, peeling, red, or irritated, your body may not be producing enough lipid cells to retain moisture. Anti-aging skin treatments such as chemical peels and dry winter weather can make the problem worse. Use products like the Anti-Aging Liposomal Retinol Moisturizer to absorb the body’s natural moisture and stimulate collagen production.
  3. Drink water
    Add a one-two punch to your skin care routine by hydrating from the inside out. Keep an insulated bottle of ice water close by at all times to drink and refill throughout the day. Not only will you cut down on your daily intake of dehydrating drinks like soda and coffee, but you’ll also flush toxins and waste out of your system.
  4. Add water-rich foods to your diet
    Plan your menu with foods high in antioxidants, low in salt and preservatives, and foods that tend to cause swelling and dry skin. Salmon, tuna, and salmon provide omega-3 fatty acids, while walnuts are rich in vitamin E and natural oils. Avocados and sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients, and the high water content of cucumbers and watermelons make them ideal choices for local farmers markets.

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