21 mind Blowing Hydrogen Peroxide CLEANING HACKS You wished you knew earlier!

Want to save money and clean your home with non-toxic cleaning products?

Want to remove stains from clothes and carpets, or are you looking for an all-purpose cleaner for your kitchen or bathroom?

Here are 21 ways to clean hydrogen peroxide without poisoning your home.

Let’s begin

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  1. Whiten the dough line
  2. Remove carpet stains
  3. Disinfect the kitchen sponge
  4. Streak Free Windows & Mirrors
  5. Remove stains from clothes
  6. Recycle your old makeup brushes
  7. Sterilize the steel water tank
  8. Clean the top of your glass oven
  9. Disinfectant floor cleaner
  10. Sanitize your counter tops
  11. Get rid of mold and mildew
  12. Deodorize and clean your refrigerator
  13. Remove dry heels
  14. Get rid of pesticides
  15. Clean your gadgets
  16. Sanitize and clean the toilet bowl
  17. Sanitize and deep clean your sink
  18. Disinfect the trash can
  19. Remove mattress stains
  20. Whiten and sanitize your cutting board
  21. DIY whitening toothpaste

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