20 Remedios Caseros para Quitar el Mal Olor de las Partes íntimas

The smell of the vagina varies according to the person, the age or the moment of the menstrual cycle. It is impossible. In this, the sea conditions are normal.

Cuando el olor vaginal es espacially fuerte o distasteful hay Que consultar con el ginecólogo. However, it is not particularly noteworthy.

The complex microbiota of the vagina inhabits the territory. The boy is based on lactobacillus and corynebacterium. Estos microorganisms produce ácido láctico, which causes pH conditions and overheating.

Keeps the reproduction of disease-causing bacteria. Edema, vaginal microflora, bacteria that adhere to the vagina protect against vaginal bacterial pathogens. Other mechanisms of defense are the proper vaginal secretions that make a “washing effect”, as well as the good functioning of the immune system.

Vaginal microbiome imbalance
Microorganisms of the vagina are affected by various pathologies, hormonal physiology, antibiotics, and sexual intercourse.

It is possible to eliminate the fertility of the bacteria so as not to disturb the balance of the fertile substances.

Vaginal vulvovaginitis
Causes inflammation of the genitals and vulvovaginitis. When this happens, there are no changes in the smell of the vagina, but it usually accompanies other symptoms such as increased flow, itching or pain.

Vulvovaginitis can occur for a variety of reasons. It should be unhygienic. Not so good though.

Menopause, estrogen status of the vaginal microbiome, and vaginal microbiota excretion. It causes bacterial infections.

The cause causes the basic principles of vulvovaginitis. Vulvovaginitis is candida albicans, gardnerella vaginalis, and trichomonas vaginitis.

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