1O Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

1O Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore

For centuries we have wondered about dreams and their meaning.

At the end of the 19th century, Carl Jung, a psychotherapist known for archetypes and the collective unconscious, began to conclude that access to dreams opens the door to the realm of consciousness and spirit. However, there is science to what happens during sleep. A research team of scientists from the ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Kyoto, Japan studied brain scans to identify dream imagery. They concluded that we see our dreams in the same way we see our waking world.

To analyze our dreams, we must examine how we engage in our daily activities. Are these nocturnal visions repetitions of the visual stimuli of what we see in our waking hours or are they guidance messages from outside? What do these symbols mean? How do we interpret and analyze them to give them a message?

  1. Fly
    A dream about flying indicates the need to achieve your desires. Where are you going? How do you get there? Are you having trouble navigating life? Flying dreams are recharged when we wake up. There is a sense of freedom, of being able to do anything our way.
  2. Waterfall
    When we dream of water, it often represents emotional states. Water symbolizes purity and purity. Seeing a waterfall is a wonderful sign. It represents the passing away of the old and a new beginning.
  3. If you saw a waterfall in your dream, ask yourself the following questions: Is the waterfall small or large? How are you handling your obstacles? Is the waterfall in a dark jungle or a beautiful beach?
  1. Teeth
    Dreams about teeth are very common. Not all dreams of teeth represent old age. Pulling a tooth symbolizes something coming out, while a rotten tooth symbolizes fear and anxiety. Dreaming of a tooth falling out is the most typical of all dental dreams. They are often caused by a new stressful situation: a new job, fear of loss, lack of strength in a relationship, or hidden lies.

If you saw your teeth in your dream, ask yourself the following questions: How do you feel about your teeth? We use our teeth to feed our bodies. How are we feeding our lives?

  1. Death
    Dreaming about death is more common than most people realize. Dreaming of death symbolizes the end of something, no matter the illness. Death is the end of the ego parts. There is the death of anxiety and anger. Situational death. There is the death of an idea that allows for the creation of the self. Dreaming of dying or dying can be a psychological aspect of working through a huge emotional shift.

If you see death in your dream, ask yourself the following questions: Were you a dead person? Did you have a loved one? These dreams can be guidance from a loved one who is trying to provide comfort.

  1. Pregnant
    A vision of being pregnant symbolizes major growth and development. It can be directed towards future projects and desires.

If you imagine pregnancy in your dream, ask yourself the following questions: What are you trying to create? What changes are you experiencing in your waking life? Are you possibly pregnant? Pregnant dreams bring fruitful ideas for work or relationships.

  1. Houses
    The house symbolizes different aspects of the self and personality. Depending on the type of house or different rooms, the description can be deepened. Home is about safety and comfort. The attic symbolizes hidden memories, while the basement represents intuition and the unconscious mind.

If you see a house in your dream, ask yourself: How do you take care of yourself? How do you imagine yourself in this world?

  1. Money
    Money dreams allow us to wake up with such gratitude. Dreaming about money is about luck and how we perceive our worth. Winning the lottery symbolizes a change in lifestyle, and if you dream of giving money, you are afraid of losing. Dreams of money go to the core of our emotions about abundance and prosperity. Financial stability or loss is often a stressful factor in our lives.

If you see money in your dream, ask yourself: Have you lost your job? Are you in debt? What would you do if you won the lottery? Financial relationships rarely leave your mind when you’re awake. Money symbolizes the flow of life.

  1. Fornication
    To dream of promiscuity represents a sexual desire that is repressed or needs to be expressed. Such a dream represents abandonment, fear, self-esteem issues, and an unconscious acceptance of problematic relationships.

If adultery appears in a dream, ask yourself: Are you afraid of losing a loved one? Are you unhappy in your relationship? How do you feel about your body and your desires?

  1. Fire
    The vision of fire can have several meanings depending on the circumstances of the dream. Seeing fire from a distance symbolizes passion and change, while playing with fire is a warning against risky actions. If you dream of lighting a fire, it symbolizes suppressed anger.

Ask yourself: Do you avoid risky situations? Do you spend your days putting out fires?

  1. Naked
    Dreams of being naked are very common. They relate to our fears. If the dream is that someone else is naked, it represents the “bare truth” of the situation or foretells an illicit relationship. It also means loss of respect. Nakedness is the admission of flaws and shortcomings. Just like when you’re sober, it’s about how much of yourself you reveal to the world.

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