17 small changesto LOSE WEIGHT

For millennials, it’s hard to find an hour at the gym every day.

40 hours a week may be in your contract, but if you’re heading to the office for dinner at 8:30pm, you probably won’t be going to SoulCycle today.

And on those days when you’re not hanging out with the cleaning crew all night, you really don’t want to feel like you’re being held back by an after-work gym call.

It’s crowded, you’re tired, and you’d rather have a drink or sit on the couch and enjoy it.

But you also don’t want to risk stomach and heart disease, right?

Fret not, workaholics and happy hour lovers, because here are 17 small things you can do every day to not only stay in shape, but also lose weight.

Drink black, green or white tea regularly.
You’ve heard all about the benefits of tea, but there are actual studies that show people who drink real tea leaves have a lower body mass index (BMI) and less body fat.

Eating cayenne pepper will solve more than just weight loss.
Yes, red peppers help your body burn fat because of its capsaicin content, but there’s a laundry list of other benefits.

Cayenne pepper has anti-cold properties, prevents migraines, relieves joint pain, and aids in digestion.

Regardless of what you think, fruit is definitely good for you.
You’ve probably heard that you should be wary of certain types of fruit because they’re high in carbs and sugar, but fruit is always a healthy substitute for whatever you’re shoving in your face morning, afternoon, and evening.

And take it a step further, be sure to skip Juice Generation in favor of the corner grocery store.

Eating your fruit instead of drinking it provides more fiber, keeps you full longer, saves extra calories, and is cheaper.

A surefire way to lose weight is to lift weights.
For many people, going to the gym every day is difficult. There are many other things you can do to lose weight, but lifting weights remains one of the oldest and most consistent ways to burn fat and lose weight.

Remember, twice a week is better than zero.

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