Here are a few things to keep in mind to optimize your enjoyment the next time you shower.

  1. Take a shower after your workout
    When we work out, sweat smells because there are microorganisms on our skin. These microorganisms must be removed from the skin to avoid skin allergies and rashes. So take a shower as soon as possible after your workout.
  2. Do not get a pedicure after shaving
    We usually shave our feet first and then get a pedicure. This practice leaves little scratches on our feet and makes us sick.
  3. Take a contrast shower
    When you’re almost done in the shower, turn the shower on full and end the session. The pressure in the shower will even out the pressure on your body and help strengthen your frame. However, taking a shower before bed sometimes doesn’t sit well with our sleep cycle.
  4. Bathe every day
    Showering and washing your hair every day can lead to dry skin and thinning hair. Do not exfoliate yourself every day to avoid flaky skin and scalp.
  5. Do not wrap the towel around your hair
    Wet hair is prone to breakage and fall. Wetness doesn’t make hair look cleaner or fresher.
  6. Clean the shower head regularly
    The shower head is something we almost never clean. Clean the layer of plaque from the shower head for a healthy and hygienic shower.
  7. Keep the soap dish dry
    The soap dish should be kept dry to avoid harboring bacteria and other bacteria. Keeping the soap dish moist does not allow the soap cake to melt and waste water to drain away.
  8. Don’t leave your razor in the shower
    If you use a razor in the bathroom, take it out before you leave. Moisture makes the blade unusable.
  9. Change and clean your towels regularly
    Change or clean your towels regularly to prevent bacteria from growing on them. Air your towels daily and don’t leave them damp.
  10. Clean your bathtub
    Always scrub your tub immediately after you shower. This will help keep someone else, even yourself, clean. In addition, it stops the formation of coli in the bathroom.
  11. Don’t leave your sponge wet
    Be sure to put the sponge in a clean, dry place after showering. Otherwise, wet netting can become a host for thriving microorganisms.
  12. Wash your feet thoroughly
    Most people leave cleaning their feet as they think about cleaning their body. But careless washing can cause ingrown toenails.

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