Let’s be real; Menstruation would be the worst. It can be intimidating to wear white pants or make you want to cry at everything in sight. You may know that there are certain foods to avoid during your period, but sometimes the least nutritious foods just taste good, so you might not heed that advice. (And that’s okay!)

But if you want to get rid of those dreaded cramps and uncomfortable bloating, eating nutrient-dense foods is your best bet. “Our body loses a lot of blood [during menstruation]. Depending on the flow and duration, it can be 30 to 80 ml of blood loss. Your body has to replace this blood to maintain balance,” said the Clinic director. Health Psychology, Behavior Associates’ Center for Health Psychology and Wellness, Michelle Barton, Ph.D., told Bustle in an email interview. “It increases the need for certain nutrients and uses energy in a different way. Plus, we’re dealing with hormonal ups and downs, which are bad for us psychologically and physically.”

Yes, those cupcakes and pizza pies sound amazing, but your body needs proper nutrients during this time, so it couldn’t be worse. Need more proof of what I’m talking about? Here are 11 things you should avoid on your period.

  1. Processed foods containing unknown ingredients
    As much as it pains me to say this, that cookie or frozen pizza you love so much could be making your period worse. “Our bodies are already sensitive during this time. It’s not a good idea to put an unknown substance into our digestive system, but it’s even more frustrating during periods. Our bodies are already working overtime, so not adding to that when it’s avoidable.” above”. Barton.
  2. Foods that cause bloating
    “You already have hormones working to provide this service. Avoid carbonated drinks and other carbonated drinks and foods high in salt. Certain hormones that affect your period can cause water retention and bloating. Eating foods that usually cause bloating or gas. Feelings can increase the impact on your body and increase bloating and discomfort,” says Barton. These foods include frozen dinners, fast food, canned soup, and bacon.
  3. Big food
    “The signals that tell you that the gut is full are delayed a little bit,” Barton says. “This means that for most people, they continue to eat after they are full. Under ‘normal’ conditions, this causes the stomach and abdominal cavity to expand, which puts pressure on the surrounding organs. This causes discomfort, among other problems. During menstruation. This can contribute to increased cramping in addition to other unpleasant digestive problems,” says Barton. Wait 20 minutes to see if you are hungry before eating your second meal. Try to take longer than usual to eat when you’re hungry.
  4. High-fat foods
    Red meat is a good source of iron, but eating fatty meats can make you feel worse during your period because it can lead to cramping, bloating, and acne. According to Livestrong, foods high in fat can affect your hormones. Avoid fatty beef, whole milk products, and burgers.
  5. Fried food
    Although you may want to eat fried foods during your period, these foods can cause bloating and cramping as your body tries to process them.
  6. Dairy products
    According to HuffPost, eating dairy products can trigger menstrual cramps because they contain arachidonic acid, which often stimulates menstruation. Try substituting oat, almond or soy milk instead.

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