Are you worried about your mental sharpness? Or maybe a loved one’s?

A little forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging. If you have trouble remembering someone’s name, but it comes to you later, it’s not a serious memory problem.

But if memory problems are seriously affecting your daily life, it could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease. The number of symptoms you have and how severe they are will vary, but it’s important to identify the early symptoms. You have to ask yourself the hard questions.

  1. Memory loss

This is the most common symptom. Do you easily forget what you just learned? Do you forget about important dates, names and events? Do you forget when something big happened? Do you ask for the same information over and over again? Do you rely heavily on memory aids like Post-it notes or reminders on your smartphone?

  1. Planning and problem solving

Do you have trouble making plans and sticking to them? Is it difficult to follow a recipe that you have tried many times? Having trouble concentrating on detailed tasks? For example, can you keep track of your bills and balance your checkbook?

  1. Everyday work is a challenge

Even the familiar can become difficult. Do you have trouble driving to your frequent destinations? Can you do a simple task at work? Do you forget the rules of your favorite game?

  1. Time and place are confusing

Can you fully understand what is not happening right now? Are you lost? Do you get lost easily? Do you forget where you are? Do you remember how you got there?

  1. Visual changes

Having trouble reading the words on the page? Do you have trouble judging distances? Can you distinguish the colors? This is important because it can affect your driving.

  1. Speech and conversation are annoying

Vocabulary becomes difficult. Can you find the correct word you are looking for? Or do you call things by the wrong names?

Conversation can be a struggle. Do you avoid joining? Can you follow along? Do you stop suddenly in the middle of a conversation, not knowing what to say? Do you keep repeating yourself?

  1. You lose things

Everyone misplaces things from time to time, but can you retrace your steps to find them again? Do you put your watch in unusual places, like on the fridge? Do you accuse people of taking things?

  1. Delay of court decision

Have you made a bad decision lately? Do you make mistakes with money, such as giving money when you don’t?

Do you shower often? Do you take less care of yourself? Do you dress for the wrong weather?

  1. Social retreat

Are you cutting back on projects at work? Are you less involved in your favorite hobbies? Do you lack motivation? Are you watching TV or sleeping more than usual?

  1. Mood swings

Do you get upset more easily? Are you feeling down, scared or anxious? Do you suspect people?

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