10 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face (Number 9 Will Completely Disappoint You)
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10 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face (Number 9 Will Completely Disappoint You)

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of DIY treatments, tips, and tricks, including skin care tips. Well, we’re not saying they’re bad for you! We’re just saying that some of them can do more harm than good, so be very careful! Yes, some of these homemade skin treatments can actually harm your skin rather than improve its health. As we said, there are tons of homemade skin care tips, homemade lotions, and other DIY skin care products on the internet today! But you should be very careful and avoid using these 10 homemade remedies and ingredients!

You may have noticed that many different home skin care methods include hairspray! Because hairspray can dry up acne and help get rid of other skin problems. Yes, hairspray can dry out your skin and acne, but it can also clog pores and cause skin irritation.

Body cream
Body butters are called body butters for a good reason, they’re made specifically for your body, not your face. The skin on your body is thicker and more resistant. You should know that body lotions usually have more fragrance and less ingredients for moisturizing purposes.

Many people around the world use toothpaste – often to dry up acne. Yes, it can help you deal with your acne problem, but unfortunately, it can irritate the skin and cause serious skin problems like chemical burns and scarring.

Many people around the world use petroleum jelly to moisturize their dry and cracked skin. You can also use this ingredient to treat bites and cuts, but you have to be very careful because this ingredient is not the best solution for your face. When you first apply petroleum jelly, it feels like it’s moisturizing and softening your skin, but it can lead to breakouts and dryness.

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