The sad truth of life is that change comes when we least expect it. Nothing is ever set in stone in a relationship. You can never be sure what tomorrow will bring. It only takes a moment for everything to come crashing down around you and there’s nothing you can do about it. There are many cases of broken relationships due to changed feelings and emotions. A seemingly happy couple today can end their relationship in a week. The reason for this is that feelings are never permanent. People change, that’s the nature of life.

If you feel like a change is coming and you’re stuck in a relationship that you don’t like, this is a good time to reconsider your relationship. Chances are your partner doesn’t love you. Although this can be a heartbreaking experience, if you accept it and move on as soon as possible, it can help you heal. As love tries to force a one-sided relationship, feelings of resentment and hatred may arise. You never want to make things as toxic as they are.

Of course, there are some signs to look out for to know if your partner is really in love with you. When you start noticing these symptoms, the best thing to do is talk to your partner. There are few things a good, open relationship can’t fix. Just remember to approach things with an open mind. If you are showing some of these symptoms in your partner, you better act fast.

  1. Your partner doesn’t express love and affection like they used to.
    In the past, your partner always tried to make you feel loved and appreciated as much as possible. They would jump at any opportunity to put a smile on your face and warm your heart.
  2. Your partner always seems preoccupied with other things during the date.
    If your partner always seems to be thinking about something else every time you’re together, you can be sure that something is bothering them. It may seem like your partner is only physically there, but emotionally unavailable.
  3. The conversation between you and your partner has become stale and forced.
    I used to feel like talking about anything and everything under the sun. Your speech used to be very natural and organic. But now you’re struggling to find something interesting to talk about. It feels like you always have to force yourself to have a decent conversation, it doesn’t come naturally to you anymore. – Continue reading on the next page
  4. Your partner blames you whenever possible.
    Another good sign that your partner is falling in love with you is that they allow it to affect their personal life. They will start failing at things and probably start blaming you for their failure.
  5. You no longer feel like your partner supports you.
    Your partner used to be your number one fan. You always knew you could count on your partner to push you through life. However, these days, your hopes and dreams seem irrelevant to your partner’s life.
  6. Your partner makes excuses to spend time away from you.
    Somehow, your partner is spending more hours at work. Somehow they’d rather go out with their friends than go out with you. This means that they are no longer interested in spending time alone with you, and may even dread the thought of it.
  7. No more consulting you when it comes to planning.
    In the good days of your relationship, you used to discuss your weekend plans with each other. Any plans for the future revolve around relationships. However, now you are no longer a part of the planning process and it feels like your partner is independently making plans that are unrelated to you.
  8. Your partner no longer respects you.
    When you truly love someone, you respect them. If you feel like your partner is losing respect for you and is acting outright disrespectful, consider that he or she is also losing love for you.
  9. Your partner thinks it’s inappropriate to explain to you.
    You used to have such an open relationship and now you find yourself withdrawing from your partner. You feel like you’re not being treated fairly, and your partner never seems to engage with your questioning, as if it’s not worth your time and effort.
  10. You are no longer happy with your relationship.
    If you are no longer satisfied with your relationship, it may be designed to make you feel that way. Your partner wants you to be unhappy so you can end things mutually.

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