Can men have secret fears? They look so strong and determined! “No way!” Many girls would say. However, this is another stereotype imposed using society.

We are against stereotypes. That’s why today we can tell you about 10 things that guys fear the most.

  1. What their range looks like

From a very young age, girls think that their frames should always be appropriate. They are supposed to exercise regularly and follow a weight loss plan. Men don’t have these stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t worry about their bodies, or compare themselves to the well-built guys in magazines. Otherwise, why do men spend so much time in the gym? Their biggest concern is when someone cites a beer belly.

  1. cash

Cash is one of the most common reasons men fear. they are presented as the nurturers of destiny. A man no longer has a female friend, but they worry about their finances because the most important thing in a relationship is cash. However, care and attention are more important to women. If we’re wrong and a serious topic for a woman is cash, she doesn’t always value your time.

  1. higher

If one of the main roles of the “perfect man” is to be tall, how can one not be afraid now? If women cared less about heights, men who are not so tall would be more likely to. can’t remember if the size is no longer a measure of his heart.

four. Different guys can be dangerous

Jealousy of young men is not so obvious as that of ladies, but it is very harmful to their 6ba8f6984f70c7ac4038c462a50eeca3. Your accomplice may show no signs of concern when you report a male partner with a great sense of humor. But you need to understand this: he is busy and compares himself to a potential opponent. To allay his fears, you need to talk to him casually and explain that there is no threat.

five. A little happy in the relationship

The macho image is every guy’s worst nightmare because it makes them look like seasoned lovers and try to lie about their ex-girlfriends. In fact, they may be just as afraid of doing the wrong thing as women. Being helpful and honest in just about everything will help your relationship feel more confident.

  1. Hair

Hair on the frame and head is always a problem for men. A little hair on the frame – what if it is not visible enough? too much hair – is it too scary or too messy? And baldness is often the worst component that can happen. You may make the problem worse by bringing up these problems with your partner.

  1. diet

“I have a meal plan.” Young men often hear this from women. but if one mentions diet, it will sound unique. but guys care about their bodies and the ingredients they eat. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. it’s just that guys talk less about it.

eight. Their relationship with their girlfriends

How many articles have women’s magazines written about saving relationships? But if men start talking about it, women may find it unusual. Of course, guys are “cruel”, so they shouldn’t be afraid of small things like relationships, right? but guys want things to be okay too, so don’t worry.

nine. the girl had several partners before him

If a woman had more partners before meeting her, she must compete with them. In addition, you may worry that your accomplice is less skilled than you. The most important component is to explain to him that the other side is on the other side and that there is nothing to worry about.

  1. Express feelings openly

“Don’t cry, you’re a man!” It’s something guys always hear as kids. Although their parents wanted them to be strong and able to protect their families, we believe that this is not really one of those good ideas anymore. They are afraid to seek sensitivity and show appropriate feelings. don’t add fuel to the fire, don’t talk about how a man should overcome adversity. He owes nothing to anyone.

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